Photo: Rough Life

Life is tough in Norway. After hiking up Kongstinden from Svolvær (the town on the seaside in the background), it was time for lunch and enjoying the perfect weather with friends. Kristiane made the right call bringing her sunglasses.
Photo by Scott Wilton. Location: 68.247, 14.493.

Photo: The “King” of Kongstind

As a class, we hiked along the Kongstind traverse above the school in Kabelvåg. In Norwegian, Kongstinden means The King’s Peak. This was Jonas’s attempt to look kingly when we stopped for lunch here.
Photo by Scott Wilton. Location: 68.247, 14.494.

Photo: Above Stor-Kongsvatnet

September started with a stunning sunny Wednesday with views over the local lakes, with Vågakallen (943 m) and the ocean in the background.
Photo by Scott Wilton. Location: 68.246, 14.511.

Photo: What Remains

Along with the previous photo, this serves as a reminder to spend a little bit of our own time helping out the planet.
Photo by Scott Wilton. Location: 68.077, 13.098.

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